Dota 2 Betting Guide

Dota is a competitive game of action and strategy, played both professionally and casually by millions of passionate fans worldwide. Players pick from a pool of over a hundred heroes, forming two teams of five players. Radiant heroes then battle their Dire counterparts to control a gorgeous fantasy landscape, waging campaigns of cunning, stealth, and outright warfare.

Dota 2 Bookmakers & Betting Sites

The first decision you need to make is that you are going to be serious about your Dota 2 betting and that this is something you are going to do with real money, or are you just doing this as for fun? You need to check out the best Dota 2 betting bookmakers so you can have a reliable source for placing your bets, and collecting your wins. No matter what here is a Dota 2 Betting Guide to where to bet and some tips about betting on Dota 2.

Dota 2 Betting tips

When you are playing for money you want to make sure you have a well structured plan. You need to make sure you know how much money you have to play with and learn how to manage this properly. Make use of your resources that can give you some insight. These are resources such as social media. Know as much as you can about the teams, and don’t bet on every game.

If you have accounts at several bookies it is always a good idea to “shop the best odds”. See which bookie offers the best odds on the event and place your Dota 2 bets at the bookmaker with the highest odds. You can use our reviews in information to choose the right bookmaker/ bookmakers.

Betting on Dota 2

When betting on Dota 2 you want to know as much as you can about the game itself. This is going to give you a better understanding of the information that you are going to gather from your research. One of the advantages of eSport is that it is still a relatively new game for the bookies and there is a chance that you know more about Dota 2 then the bookies.

Dota 2 Bonus Code

When it comes to Dota 2 you are going to be seeing all kinds of bonus codes. You don’t want to get these confused in regards to which ones are for the players themselves, and which ones are for you as the spectator placing a bet. The Dota 2 Bonus codes applicable to you will be those that you can use at a Dota 2 Betting site as a new member sign up, perhaps.

See our list of great eSport bookies and choose one or several with a great bonus and we will let you know if a Bonus code is available.

Dota 2 Real Money Betting

A lot of people like to bet on Dota 2 for fun, but there are some top caliber Dota 2 Betting sites that allow for real money betting on E-Sports like Dota 2. We have gathered some of the best on this website and what eSports games the bookies allows bets on. Dota 2 is the most popular eSports game available betting wise and all the bookmakers present on this website offers bets on Dota 2.

How to bet on Dota 2

There are different types of bets that you can place for Dota 2 bets. You can choose to bet on the match winner, handicap betting, double chance, correct score, map x winner, and you can place a bet to win at least one map. You will also want to check out the Dota 2 tournaments to help you arrange your betting schedule.

When you want to bet on Dota 2 you have to do the following:

  1. Find a good bookmaker which offers betting on Dota 2 (preferable one with a good bonus code and/ or good odds)
  2. Register to the bookie
  3. Deposit real money
  4. Use Dota 2 bonus code (if any)
  5. Wait for bonus
  6. Start gambling