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eSports betting online is your guide on how to bet on eSports. In recent years the sport has grown in popularity and so has the interest in betting on the events. Due to the present interest more and more established bookies are offering bets on the eSport events . This guide will provide you with information regarding where, how and when to bet on eSports. Furthermore, we will from time to time ask eSport experts to provide you with eSport betting tips and hopefully help you win some money.

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Bet on eSports

When you are going to see an eSport event you might want to bet a little money on the outcome in order to boost the excitement.

The following bookies and the most popular eSports betting games available online are:

Bookmakers Games Bonus and Bonus codes
Pinnacle bonus Starcraft II League of Legends World of TanksCounter Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2 Hearthstone Best Odds
EGB eSport Bets Starcraft II Magic The Gathering League of Legends Counter Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2 Hearthstone 100% up to 600$
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Choosing a good eSport bookmaker

When choosing the right bookmaker for your eSports betting you should consider at least two things; is it the right bookmaker for you? And do they offer a promotion or bonus that might support your chances of earning a buck?

Choosing the right bookmaker? – in general it is very much about the odds that the bookmaker offers, the trustworthiness of the bookmaker and the number of eSport betting possibilities available? We are trying to help you with that by rating the bookmakers for you. For more information go to the “Bookmaker” section.

eSport bonus codes? – an important aspect of finding the right bookmaker for you is looking at the available bonuses offered by the bookmakers. Furthermore, some bookmakers offer special bonus codes that will provide you with even better bonuses than the ones made public to everyone. In the “Bonus code section” we have gathered some of the best eSports online bonus codes. For more information, go to the “Bonus code” section.

About eSports

ESports, or electronic sports, or even competitive gaming is a term for organized multiplayer video games competition. ESports covers a range of different videogames including first-person shooter, strategy real-time multiplayer online arena battle and fighting games. The largest of the competitions, including League of Legends World Championship and Intel Extreme masters, include millions of dollars in prize money and are taking place all over the world in large arenas and at some of the worlds largest computer EXPOs. The first eSports events were held in Germany but have spread all over Europe, including South Korea were eSports are huge.

Today eSports gather huge crowds to the big tournaments. In 2013 alone eSport events gathered more than 71 million viewers and since then the sport has continued to grow. Furthermore, new viewers have joined due to new streaming services and the sport has continued to grow.

Some of the most popular eSports games that are also the games that you can bet on are league of legend, Doha 2, Starcraft II, World of Tanks (WOT) and the shooting games Counter Strike and Call of Duty.